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Dragons and Deceit – The Memory Paradox

Dragon Abnormal Living

“If you have high self esteem your historian might write you in for more than your share and if you have low self esteem you may think you are hopeless and cutting yourself short. The only way to know for sure is to put in a system to keep that historian in check. A system that gives you unbias data work with….”

Habit Hacking – A Deep Dive on Habit Formation

Habit Hacking – A Deep Dive on Habit Formation

“We live in a place where habits form from what we CHOOSE to do with our time and not by force of environmental conditions. This can be both liberating and imprisoning. We have effectively changed the habits of survival from needs to wants…”

Redefining Success – A Definition of Success, Build for Success

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“When attempting to always have success in life, growth must become our new direction. Then maintaining enthusiasm for growth is what actually ensures your success. However, after working on a goal for some time we can become fatigued. We can have the feeling of failures adding up or a lack of progress towards our goals. Often the loss of enthusiasm is from setting goals that are…”

Cheat Days and Addictions

Cheat Days and Addictions

“Some prefer a cold turkey method of dropping all the way back to the original baseline. The danger of not using the gradual method is that you would not create any habits from repetitions. This is the yoyo effect most experience after binge dieting. The reintroduction of the vice is sure to fail with no healthy habits formed…”

There Is No Time – Decision Fatigue

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“Remember to Forget… “I’ll just make a mental note” is something you will almost never hear me say. This little nasty habit will tax you endlessly until the task is completed in the future. In an even worse case, it will tax you for a while and then you forget about it! …”