Fruit! – Health Food or Just Eye Catching Click Bait?

Taking picture of Fruit for Clickbait

[DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. Speak with a medical professional before doing anything medical-related] [1]

Ripe fresh fruit. Wholesome food.

Beautiful! There is no other way to describe a well put together fruit arrangement, using all the natural vibrant colours of nature. I will not argue the beauty of nature in this post but will put into question if we are being fooled on its value when it comes to health foods.

“Natural,” it just sounds good for you, doesn’t it? The way nature really meant it to be. The first place people trip up when first starting out their health food journeys is figuring out what is good or bad for us. I have caught myself in the past not properly vetting the information surrounding “natural” foods.  If its natural, organic, GMO free, etc, it is not necessarily good for you. The “Woody Nightshade” plant is all of these things with beautiful delicious looking berries growing on it. We could put all these labels on the package of some Nightshade berries but they are still poisonous and a poor dietary choice to say the least. Obviously this is at one end of a spectrum, and an extreme example. It still clearly shows why we need to vet information surrounding natural food sources before giving our stamp of approval.

All Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Nightshade Berries

All Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Nightshade Berries…

Sugar is Sugar

Fruits VS Vegetables

“Fruits are just vegetables with sugar in them”

If you take one thing from this article, when it really comes down to it, the majority of fruits are just vegetables with sugar in them. I have not come across a benefit you get from any specific fruit that you can’t get from a low sugar vegetable counter part. (Yes there are some high sugar vegetables like beets, but these exceptions to the rule just further my point on information vetting.)

Fruits do contain natural sugar, but remember how we should feel about that word. In this case it is again the exception for what is good for us. If trying to shed extra body fat, it affects you the same way any other sugar would. When you provide yourself fuel in the form of sugar, your body will prefer to burn it instead of fat. Any kind of sugars pre or post workout are going to hinder or even prevent your fat burning goal. Specifically, the fructose component in fruits is even more efficient at kicking you out of a fat burning state. (More on this in a future post on fructose.) At least our muscles are able to take their share if the sugar is glucose, dextrose, or starch based.

People Viewing Exceptions as the Rule

0012 Image Taking Pictures of fruit copy

“Don’t be fooled by skinny or fit looking people constantly posting pictures of fruit on Instagram or other social.”

“I have this fit friend that eats tons of fruit and he / she is the fittest person I know.”  It happens, but it’s very likely they are the exception to the rule, with a genetic predisposition to not putting on fat because of an IRS1 lean gene expression. To touch on it briefly, some people don’t put on fat regardless of excess carbohydrate consumption, however, it actually accelerates the decline of their metabolic health quicker than someone who puts on body fat. I explain the details in an article discussing metabolic health and its relation to diabetes and heart disease.

Some social media fitness guru’s I follow have even admitted that they post a lot of pictures of fruit not representative to the amount of fruit they actually eat. They do it because it looks nice, but they actually eat fruit sparingly, considering it nature’s candy. I also subscribe to this way of thinking. I eat fruit as a treat here and there, and sometimes only on cheat days, especially if my goal is shedding fat as quick as possible.

Do Your Own Thing

We are always looking for the shortcuts or that person who has the fat loss recipe. A set of steps we can mimic without having to learn too much about nutrition and still get all the benefits of being a fit healthy person. If there was a mold, someone would have found it and made a lot of money off of it by now. There is never going to be a mold or substitute for learning the details about nutrition. In regards to this post, everyone is going to have a different tolerance for the amount of sugars and carbohydrates they can consume to maintain their personal body fat goals.  Even then, low body fat is not always an indicator of good health as mentioned above. Proper healthy lean living is only achievable when you dig into the actual science of what is going on in your body. This is the only way to get you lean and healthy no matter the genetic hand you have been dealt.

“It’s not about how much we can eat without getting fat, but how little we can eat while meeting all of our needs.”

If there was a mold, the quote above might be the closest thing to it. True healthy eating and lifestyle is having a full understanding of what foods do for you. Knowing how they fit into fueling your particular lifestyle, even when things don’t go to plan, and what to change when your activity levels change. Eating isn’t just what to eat, but also when to eat what. Find out what your goals are and with that in mind, build a plan according to YOUR lifestyle.


Tips & Takeaways:

  • If body fat loss is your goal, consider cutting out fructose as much as possible in all forms as it is a direct supply of glucose to the liver.
  • Learn about how and when your body stores and burns fat.
  • If being healthy is your goal, focus on not over fueling and damaging your metabolic system.


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Note: If you read something in this article that you whole heartily disagree with based on scientific empirical evidence, please share it with me here. I’m always interested in appending and updating my information to be as accurate as possible for my readers.

Also contact me if there is anything you would like me to expand on or write about as it applies to your personal situations.


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