Why abnormal?

I find it accurately described my approach to life in general. People rarely dig deep into topics anymore. We live in a generation limited by 140 characters of attention span.

In another lifetime I was a Programmer / Analyst who decided he really doesn’t like programming anymore. From that time in my life remains the analytic lens through which I view my world. I try to separate facts from fiction and the methods of action that produce real results. My main areas of interest currently are nutritional health, and productivity. The health and nutrition industry especially is full of people trying to pull one over on you or just sharing information without doing their homework first.

“It’s not the era of information, it became the era of misinformation.” – Ido Portal

If you like knowing all the details and getting to the bottom of things, you will enjoy this blog. Please reach out to me via the contact page if you find errors or false information. I want to ensure the most accurate information for my readers and am not opposed to updating already published posts to improve accuracy. (Go Here)

Welcome to Abnormal Living!

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Chris MacSweyn