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Macros Matter Most

Macros Matter Most

Why? If you are someone who has tried counting calories and it did not work out as advertised, unknowingly you already know why macros matter. Not all calories are created equal and there are 3 macro types when it comes to calories….
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The Facts of Fructose – Specific Reasons To Avoid It.

0013 Feature Skull of Sugar

“Consumption of fructose increases insulin resistance, which results in poor metabolic function. [3] In very basic terms, you will not be able to eat as many carbohydrates and remain healthy. Most importantly, carbohydrates are delicious, so for sanity sake we want to be able to eat as many of them as possible while reaching our goals. ;)”

The Full LDL Story – High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

“You can not treat this condition of so called high cholesterol without knowing what is the particle size is. To put patients on statins without knowing what their particle size is, is malpractice in my opinion.” – Professor Tim Noakes

Fruit! – Health Food or Just Eye Catching Click Bait?

Taking picture of Fruit for Clickbait

Beautiful! There is no other way to describe a well put together fruit arrangement, using all the natural vibrant colours of nature. I will not argue the beauty of nature in this post but will put into question if we are being fooled on its value for health foods…

How And When We Store and Burn Body Fat

Storing body fat

During exercise you can see in excess of twice as many calories burned from fat when fat adapted.

“Peak fat oxidation was 2.3-fold higher in the LC group” – The FASTER Study [1]

The infographic within this post is the best way to visualize the way your body works if your goal is burning fat.

Metabolic Syndrome – What Actually Causes Heart Disease and Diabetes

Overweight diet danger concept as an obese man walking on a tightrope high wire over mountains of greasy unhealthy junkfood as a metaphor for dieting risk and the challenges of eating disorders resulting in obesity.

…This is the same phenomenon that allows your friend to stay thin while you gain weight with the same food and exercise regiments. When the diet is poor (although one might not be putting on weight) I would argue that that person is doing as much damage if not more to their body than the person putting on weight….

The Iceman – Wim Hof – A Detailed Introduction

Iceman Wim Hof

Wim was excited to reveal the truth, whatever it might be.

“This one guy has figured some shit out.” – Joe Rogan

In a controlled study monitoring core body temperature, he showed that he was actually regulating his temperature when buried for 80 minutes to his neck in ice.

Why You Should Journal

Journal Writing

What we do not measure will get lost in the noise of our inconsistent memory. Nothing will change if we are living comfortably and creating no frame of reference for improvement. If we want to improve something, find a way to measure it and record it. Make a hypothesis, execute the hypothesis and record the results…

Free PDF Guide to Stop Pracrastinating – Offer

Stop Procrastination

Priming is producing the right emotions and mental state before taking on a task. Professional athletes, singers, actors, and public speakers are just a few examples of people that use this method to boost their performance…